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By: Jack Claridge - Updated: 31 Jul 2019 | comments*Discuss
Crb Checks Criminal Records Bureau

DBS Checks are carried out - and must be carried out - for anyone who wishes to work with children, the elderly or individuals who might otherwise be classed as vulnerable.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), is able to provide information about an individual as to whether or not he or she has a criminal conviction or has been charged with a criminal conviction which has expired.

This information is gathered from a number of sources and collated by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), who will provide the applicant with what is known as a 'disclosure'.

This disclosure - as we have already mentioned - enables a prospective employer be they a school, residential or children's home or any institution where children, the elderly or vulnerable people reside, to decide for themselves if an applicant is suitable for employment.

Given recent upturns in certain crimes against the self; assault, sexual assault, child abuse etc, the demand for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), checks have increased dramatically.

When applying for a job the employer may well pay the cost of acquiring this disclosure or you may be asked yourself to pay for it and will be reimbursed if you are successful in your application for a job.

The DBS disclosure falls into three categories:

  • Standard
  • Enhanced Disclosure
  • Enhanced with List Checks

Standard Disclosure

A basic disclosure is just that; it gives the relevant information about an individual and whether they have any spent convictions. A spent conviction is a conviction that is no longer held as a matter of importance. These convictions - depending on the severity of them - should have been wiped from your file after ten years. Information also included is date of birth, nationality, address etc.

Enhanced Disclosure

An enhanced disclosure will show everything relating to arrests and convictions and any other information that the police or other law enforcement agencies may hold in relation to you.

Enhanced with List Checks

This will check whether someone’s included in the 2 DBS ‘barred lists’ (previously called ISA barred lists) of individuals who are unsuitable for working with children and vulnerable adults. There is also an area within the Enhanced DBS Check process where local police can add any relevant information they may hold about the applicant.

- See more at: http://www.personnelchecks.co.uk/dbs-checks/#sthash.jJQfG7dY.dpuf

It is worth mentioning that if you are being employed as a nanny, au pair or childminder by a private citizen that they have no legal obligation to approach the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for a disclosure. If you are to be employed or are applying for positions where you will be answerable to a private citizen then it is your responsibility to provide them with an up to date DBS check.

If however you are being employed by a government body or large organisation then they are responsible for seeking this disclosure - after having informed you of their intent to do so - and may under law seek to gain an enhanced disclosure which will detail all offences, charges or arrests leveled against you spent or otherwise.

It is worth remembering as well that if you were cautioned by the police for whatever reason - should it even have been a caution received as a minor - this too will show up on your DBS record.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, checks carry no time limit so if you apply for a vacancy and do not get it and then apply for another position you may be asked to provide a new DBS disclosure; this is done to provide one hundred per accuracy for the following reason; you may have been awaiting arrest or conviction for an offence at the time of your previous disclosure and these will not show up so employers will tend to ask for a new disclosure if there is a significant period of time has elapsed since the last one's issue.

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Hi, I received a caution for ABH in 2009 for hitting someone in a club. Who intended to hit me! Will this affect me passing a DBS for my sons football team? Many thanks.
wafu - 31-Jul-19 @ 9:26 PM
I had an altercation with a bouncer and got cautioned around three years ago. Will this affect me coaching my lads football team as I need a dbs check?
Zacky - 19-May-19 @ 10:12 PM
I got convicted for common assault against my brother for threating my elderly dad and was given 120 hours community payback.how my own family could ruin my dreams of working with children I worked in a nursery for a week with my girlfriend and have a baby of our own. Will it affect it if i applied for a nursery again?
John - 10-May-19 @ 9:02 PM
I have volunteered to coach my kids football team, many years ago I was cautioned for ABH split an idiots lip who attacked me. Will this prevent me from coaching kids? I think it’s rediculous that something so minor will show up on a DBS check ?????
Shane81 - 4-Apr-19 @ 11:57 PM
So 4 years ago my ex partner spat at me and spat back in anger and he called the police on me I got cautioned and so did he will that effect my crb I wanna start a new job in a nursery
Clarebear - 28-Mar-19 @ 10:35 PM
I have just applied for a job and it's for a enchanted DBs will it show up that I have had my kids taken because of my ex partner
Jlo - 25-Mar-19 @ 8:33 PM
29 year ago I got 12 months suspended sentence on insightment to cause assult I am applying for a job as a kitchen supervisor will my dbs come back with the convitions on it
sammie - 15-Feb-19 @ 6:39 PM
I want to volunteer at my little boys school, but my dad is currently going thro a case for an accusation of rape from 30 yrs ago, will this affect my crb check?
Ss - 5-Feb-19 @ 11:34 AM
Unfortunately I had to put my daughter in to voluntary care . She now now at the centre of a police investigation in to allegations that she has been groomed and raped . I have just applied at a school and have an enhanced check but the police have raised a conflict wanting more information about the job role . I have asked why with no answers back . Can this be put on dbs as other information
Amers123 - 29-Dec-18 @ 11:30 AM
Hello, I'm interested in setting up school holiday creative workshops for kids. What kind of qualifications or checks do I need to go through / apply? Many thanks in advance for your help!
LucyP - 20-Nov-18 @ 2:27 PM
Hi. I work as a model for artists. I have been offered a job with sixth form students. Two years ago I was cautioned for common assault after being harassed by security staff and defending myself to be quite frank! I believe it will show on a dbs check as within six years. If I tell the school can they still employ me? It is a three sessionjob only but all work is precious as leads to further work. Please advise asap. T.y.
coco - 14-Sep-18 @ 7:02 PM
41 years ago my daughter as baby had a supervision order for 3 years I wish tofoster will i bi be able to? It was sadly a one off as i have not done anything like it again as I had 2 more daughters I had wonderful support from my SS team am I a criminal
None - 13-Sep-18 @ 2:01 AM
Hello, I plan to start teaching dance to kids in a private hall. What type of disclosure check do i need to have to work with kids? Standard or enhanced or enhanced with list checks?? How long does it take for the dbs check to be completed ?Please help me understand. Thank you
Dvz - 7-Sep-18 @ 2:32 PM
I have a section 47 assault spent conviction of 28 years ago will it show up on a dbs check iam currently in the processof fostering
Em - 26-Aug-18 @ 6:50 AM
I have applied for a job at a nursery and recently applied for a subject access disclosure which has come back showing 2 arrests for ABH back in 2007. I have explained to the nursery of the arrests and circumstances at the time in which I was in a violent relationship and when he was arrested along with his mother made counter allegations against me resulting in my arrest. The outcome for me was no further action. I have 7 children of my own. Will this stop me from working in a nursery and progressing on to teaching assistant?? My enhanced DBS has been applied for by the nursery x
Kateylou - 23-Aug-18 @ 1:20 PM
@Burt - being in prison won't be spent and will come up on the DBS check.
RicV - 16-Aug-18 @ 2:33 PM
Hi there the question I have is I have got a conviction for common assault which I got 12 months probation for it which happened 20 years ago at the time I was have a break down due to the loss of my bother dieing and I was on tablets I hit rock bottom the question I have is this conviction happened at my ex work place which they shut down I then found another job which I have been working for over 6 years I do kids party's now and then not very offen I am a caretaker and now every single member of staff as got to have a DBS check which I have now done it it a enhanced one at the time I disclosed my spent conviction and was told it will be fine could I lose my job over it even though I have worked for the company for more than 6 years I am one of the best staff they have any help or advise I would be greateful
I love animals - 27-Jul-18 @ 9:06 PM
@Oli - it would have come up before now if it was going to come up. Although if it has previously come up, it will always come up and I don't think on an advanced search such things are classed as spent.
MacT - 27-Jul-18 @ 2:22 PM
My cousin is 16 years and as physical assault on his record, he has plan to study nursing will this show on his record he was not convicted cause it was domestic and his
Jo - 24-Jul-18 @ 11:51 AM
I was cautioned around 10-12 years ago for possession of drugs. Will this still come up on a dbs check? I have been a teacher for over 10 years now and wondering if I will always need to disclose ?
Oli - 24-Jul-18 @ 8:51 AM
Hi. I applied for a job as a cleaner in a secondary school. My DBS just arrived and I got a conviction for GBH in 1999. I handed over my DBS to HR and they said the Head Teacher will have to make a decision if I get employed or not. The conviction was 19 years ago and I haven't been in any trouble since. I just hate waiting I'm hoping someone can let me know if they will be able to hire me with this conviction. I don't think I would be able to but why did HR say the head has to make a decision if she knows there's no chance of getting the job.
john - 23-Jul-18 @ 3:45 PM
@Animalmagic - A standard DBS check will not show an arrest, a standard DBS checks will search for cautions, convictions, warnings, and reprimands only.On an Enhanced DBS check there is a section where the police can add other relevant information that they feel is important.Your local police force might decide that it's in your employer's interest to know about an arrest or something that the police have logged.
NickO - 25-Jun-18 @ 9:50 AM
Hi, I wondered if anyone had any thoughts regarding my previous post. I now have an interview for the possibility new job & am really worried. Many thanks
Animalmagic - 24-Jun-18 @ 8:20 AM
Ive had a messy divorce. My ex husband made some false allegations resulting in letters from the Multi agency safeguarding hub, with no action. My youngest daughter is currently considered a child in need. I also received a community resolution as a result of my older daughter repeatedly assaulted me & I knocked her spectacles off her causing a small bruise. I realise all this sounds awful & that I am not fit to work with children. I currently work with children, I have been open about my circumstances. I am applying for another job with children but am worried about the DBS. I am having counselling where I am addressing these & other issues plus the route cause of my actions. Please could you answer my concerns.
Animalmagic - 20-Jun-18 @ 10:56 PM
Rach - Your Question:
Hi. I work with vulnerable adults. The father of my children got full custody as I did not attend court as he told me we didn't need to go and we could sort it out. He tricked me. However he got full custody. Will this affect my dbs?

Our Response:
Unless you have a criminal record, this will not affect your DBS check.
WorkingWithKids - 14-Jun-18 @ 12:45 PM
Hi.. I work with vulnerable adults. The father of my children got full custody as I did not attend court as he told me we didn't need to go and we could sort it out. He tricked me. However he got full custody. Will this affect my dbs?
Rach - 12-Jun-18 @ 6:22 PM
Hi, I am a new dance company/ teacher who is planning on running a local dance class for under 16's. I have been advised that I would need a supervisor or another adult present so I am alone with the children. Would this supervisor need to have a DBS, or at least a recent one? Or would me having DBS be enough? Thanks
VOLT Dance - 5-Jun-18 @ 4:02 PM
@PJ - your caution will show up on a DBS check.
JJJ - 5-Jun-18 @ 11:06 AM
Hi, 5 years ago July I sent my ex partner a text telling her that interest was due to be going on the loan I took out for her, and made her aware of the money she still owed me. We had been in contact since we split in the January. 2 police officers turned up at my house and said my ex said I had been stalking her for months and sending texts. They issued me with a harassment order. I was So upset and stupidly went to me ex's house to ask why she would do this to me. Her friend rang the police and I was arrested, thrown in a cell, interviewed and cautioned. I sent an appeal to the IPCC. I found out that the police didn't see any texts, plus I had been to see my ex in hospital by request only 2 weeks before and had signed in. She had been sectioned for bi polar disorder and was on a cocktail of drugs. An inspector rang me and basically talked me out of proceeding as I would get the officers in trouble. That was not my intention. I just wanted to hilight that that there was other information that needed to be considered. I didn't get anywhere and the caution stood. I would like to do some voluntary work on a farm. I know DVB checks are carried out as children go to the farm for days out to see the animals. Will my caution stop me from working here. Caution was issued July 2013. Any info will be much appreciated. Thank you.
PJ - 1-Jun-18 @ 2:10 PM
Hi. I was in a relationship with my ex for 13 years. Near the end of our relationship he started drinking heavily and became violent. The last time he got me was confront of our daughter. I took her, left and called the police. The police called ss as I'd been honest and told them it was witnessed by my daughter. Ss came and because I was extremely anxious (terrified of being on my own) they thought I may go back to him (I didn't) but they stuck around. My ex tried everything to hurt me. Accusations that I was a prostitute and alcoholic and that I neglected my children. This of course was disproved and he later admitted to making them up. But before it was disproved, my kids were put on a cpr. It was explained to me that it was just a way to help me settle into my new life and gain confidence and that was fine. I did what they asked and I've had no dealings with ss for years. I'm now happily married to a lovely new man and have had another 2 children. After everything that happened I want to work in social services as I don't think I was treated fairly. I want to become a social worker. I start university in september. But I have recently started volunteering at a special needs venue for adults and kids with mental Illness. I'm terrified my DBS will show my kids were on the cpr. Will it show? Everyone I work with knows my story but I've never had much to do with the big boss and he's the one I have to answer to so he doesn't know much about me. Am I basically wasting my time studying for something I can never be. I will add that my kids were never taken away from me and I was given full custody
May - 29-May-18 @ 7:48 PM
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