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Working with children is both demanding and rewarding. We examine potential child-focused roles, the legal requirements and the qualifications you need to work with children.
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Latest Comments
  • tammy
    Re: Working as a Learning Support Assistant
    I want to work in a nursery but have no experience.
    30 October 2014
  • Aidy
    Re: CRB Checks
    @Shell - Every organisation that has contact with children and young people, have to make sure that the people you recruit are suitable to work with…
    29 October 2014
  • shell
    Re: CRB Checks
    I was convicted of assault by battery 3yrs ago will it stop me getting a job with children
    28 October 2014
  • WorkingWithKids
    Re: Voluntary Work in Schools
    @SarahLouise - you don't say what you work at currently, but if it is similar, you might be able to change your job without…
    27 October 2014
  • Sarah-Louise
    Re: Voluntary Work in Schools
    Can anybody help me? I am a mum to a 2 year old and I work 32 hours a week, so I hardly have any time spare, I would like to change my…
    26 October 2014
  • quinn
    Re: CRB Checks
    who do i report someone to if they have no crb and they are working with kids thanks.
    20 October 2014
  • WorkingWithKids
    Re: Working at a Children's Home
    @Yasii - You could take some of the advice mentioned on our website. Or even look for jobs directly on sites such as Indeed that…
    17 October 2014
  • Yasii
    Re: Working at a Children's Home
    Hi, I have worked with children for the last 6 years including schools and day nurseries. I have completed a BA degree in Early…
    16 October 2014
  • WorkingWithKids
    Re: CRB Checks
    @sammy As a rule cautions, final warnings or reprimands will not be disclosed on a standard DBS/CRB check. It includes cannabis warnings (usually issued…
    16 October 2014
  • sammy
    Re: CRB Checks
    I was cautioned for possession of cannabis nearly 6 years ago and I'm thinking of applying for a job in a pre school, but they need to do an enhanced crb…
    15 October 2014
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